The Californian / Anastasia

Ana very enthusiastically wanted a shoot before her trip back to LA. A fashion student here, I was super excited knowing I'd have a current lifestyle colour-coordinated guru for exactly that type of shoot. Not having much planned out, we just went for a walk outside of downtown and wouldn't go more than a block or two before seeing a texture that would catch my eye. Montreal is great for that; I don't need much as I constantly say.

We found some metal steps going up the side of a building near a construction site and did a couple quick looks. I always look for a way to add dimension to my images, and having people sit is an easy way to do that. Anyway, not 5 minutes in, we had a construction worker from across the street come by to ask if I worked in the (abandoned) building next to me because he wanted to park his car nearby. I laughed and said no, and watched as he walked back to his construction buddies to talk about how stunning Ana was - I'm sure I'm paraphrasing. I guess that's unfortunately part of the life these gorgeous women deal with, but at least.. I get to immortalize them. And then you can stare.   

It felt too easy, everywhere I placed her she rocked it. Did I mention we even scoped out an abandoned college? Everything is a hop & a skip away in Montreal. Looking forward to our next encounter Ana, I'm sure we won't disappoint. 

The Runaround / Shiva Kay

My my..The Shiva. This lovely gem approached me for my latest Toronto trip and asked to go exploring with me for some non-studio looks. I'd like to think it's somewhat of a trademark style that I'm known for, but I was sold the moment I saw her hair. We ended up having to switch locations the first time for how public it was, but we ended up getting spotted throughout the day anyway! We started by climbing to a rooftop where we were instantly thrown off (midday on a Tuesday, right?) and then roamed through Kensington til we found a couple lil' spots. The elevation of our first spot didn't seem to deter the construction workers and families from staring, and moving to a stairwell wasn't much more private either. Knowing most of this going into the shoot, I wasn't the least bit nervous knowing that I would be able to fire off winners with this pro no matter where we were..I mean look at her! 

Thanks for the afternoon, and thanks for the smoothies. 

The Greats / Kaya Osobka

I noticed that I'm getting to that point of success where the haters are starting to repeat themselves and have nothing left to say. It's funny how people treat others as competition instead of allies. We're all here doing the same thing, fueling the same passion, riding the same wave, I always prefer to build up those around me than be greedy because apparently only one photographer is allowed in this city.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to stay with my good friend and photographer Luke Tokaryk who is the embodiment of humbleness. I met up with a few local babes including the Kaya Osobka..mostly all in Luke's backyard. I was ecstatic to work with an experienced model which really kept the shoot light and fun. It was easily over 30 degrees with that humidity, but a couple freezies never hurt anyone. 

*protip, wear some around your neck like a summer scarf for added cool. 

The Alleyway / Candi Davis

I was staying a block away from a few rad alleyways my last big trip in Toronto, and I was excited to get to shoot some pretty women in daunting corners. I also had Marco Libretti, a great Italian videomaker reach out to me and came to a few of my shoots to do behind-the-scenes video footage. We all met for coffee and walked the 50 steps to a beaten-down location. It was my first time meeting either of these two professionals and it once again reminded me of more reasons I love doing this. The collection of creative minds is a beautiful thing. And so is Candi. 


The Mob / Altr Ego

I've been lucky enough to know the Ego Mob boys for some time now and I'm constantly shooting new releases of their wicked clothing. Last week Nuge and I drove down to Toronto for a quick 48 hour trip, tore up the streets, and updated their lookbook. It's great being able to just leave halfway through a ''work week'' and road trip with some best buds to meet some beautiful people. The self-employed lifestyle may be scary at times but I'm constantly reminded of why I love doing what I do. 

Check out for some quality local threads; or at the very least enjoy the images.