The Backup / Madison

Oh look, it's Madison Skye! Her and I had been in contact for over a year trying to schedule something when we were both in the same cities. The week before our shoot I had found a 10-story bando out in Turonno that finally reminded me of my character built Montreal. Finding hidden gems in new cities always helps me feel much more local and I was sure Madison's look would complete the spot perfectly. I picked her up on a stormy weekday morning and we went hunting..until we found the construction workers heavily invested in my abandoned location. We went back to her place, grabbed some change of clothes, and headed back to shoot some gorgeous girl-next-door shots of the inked-babe of Toronto. 

Well I guess I'm glad we waited; it's all about making the best of whatever situation you're dealt. I feel like regardless of the situation, Madison made love to the camera and we would have fired off some winners anyway. Thanks for the hectic afternoon! 

The Sicilian / Marissa

I was excited to get to work with boobafettish after a while of being a fan of each other's work. She was as full of life and energy as I hoped to expect from the conversations we had leading to the shoot. A few of my friends were at the house when she showed up, but nothing but full of bartending charisma came from her and I was eager to have her in front of my lens. We got to shoot a couple gorgeous looks before going back to my buddies where we spoke of everything like sex, drugs, and Star Wars. 

I love that I get to meet talented individuals in my industry every day, and that alone is enough to continue my drive. Glad I met another friend, and here's to many more. 

The Eager / Heather

Heather was the absolute posterchild for eagerness and excitement leading up to a shoot. I was stoked to meet her and knew we'd rock out some winners just based on her attitude. She had never shot with anyone before, and again I love that challenge. Experienced models are a joy to work with, but when they go back to the same 4 poses they've done 1000 times, it feels much less natural than the look I always go for.

Heather reached out to me through instagram, once again blowing my mind with how the world works today, and missioned out way too far just to shoot with me. Her enthusiasm made me feel nothing but honoured to shoot with her, and I'm again constantly reminded why I love doing what I do. 

The Bashful / Amélie

Before leaving Montreal at the start of the New Year, I managed to squeeze in a few shoots with models I hadn't had the chance to meet yet. Amélie and I had spoken about shooting here and there for nearly a year before I finally got her in front of my lens. A new lens by the way, I shot the entire set with my Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art. 

Anyway, I was excited for the challenge because she had never shot with a male photographer before. The dynamic we had meshed well and she was quick to pick up direction, despite my constant switching from French to English. We bonded with my fat cat Chase as I served her a fresh bowl of Lucky Charms after our set. Farewell Montreal, I'll be back in a few months.