The Trainer / Stephanie

I love shooting fitness! Bodybuilding has been an important part of my life since I went to university, and I always love meeting new people in this world. This total babe contacted me a few months ago about a shoot I did last year at the badass gym I get to train at. We decided to mix it up a bit by showing off both the hard and soft side of a properly sculpted body. After some pre-shoot cutting (that I thankfully didn't have to do), Steph and I met at our location armed with light stands, octoboxes, some wine, and a chocolate bar. What a killer combination that turned out to make. 

The Hallway / Sarah Anne

I finally got to meet up with Sarah on my 4th time in Toronto this year. She had even been to Montreal recently, but we never ended up shooting.. On our way out of her complex, we crossed this great minimalist hallway that lead to the exit. 

After our shoot around the city, we came back and got these absolute winners in the simplest of places. I'm really not picky with spots, it's all about the emotion you can grab out of your model. Luckily, Sarah did most the work for me. 

The Pupil / Charlie

''Not bad for a Moanday.'' - I like to use this line to poke fun at today's society where most people in ''my'' age group tend to be nothing but miserable all week. Their weekends are filled with nothing but complaining about their work-weeks. My ''moan-day'' happened to be last Wedneday where I shot with my first babe of the (ridiculously packed) holiday month, Charlotte. 

I was really excited to  get a glimpse of that white hair in my studio. Nothing but good vibes, and I loved that about our time together. She was effortless between poses and always had a giggle hidden behind that smize. Oh yeah, did I mention it was her first time? Platinum. 

The Red / Velour

More!? I was blessed to work with the beautiful Velour once again. Took her to a favourite bando and tried some new things. I scheduled with her at the end of a long multi-week shooting stint and really felt the need to push creatively. When I've got a bunch of similar shoots lined up in a row, I really strive to keep my looks individual to each model. Everyone has a distinct personality and it's my responsibility to capture it. I love to give general poses but the real goal is always to grab a hint of who my model is in each shot we create together. That has to be my favourite part about shooting with returning models; we have such a solid rapport from our previous shoot(s) that we can really get into a solid groove and knock-out winner after winner. 

Thank you once again, Velour. You keep reminding me why I love doing what I do.

The Sobaka / Natalia

Natalia and I were scheduled to shoot a few months ago; we had a kickass outdoor theme planned that for some reason never came to fruition (as do many ideas and concepts go in this world..). Anyway, it's getting a little chilly so we decided to relax indoors. I was greeted by her tiny cat & dog duo that almost stole my heart as much as her accent. The little chihuahua kept climbing back into bed with mommy where she would constantly snap in her native tongue. I was in love. 

It was insightful because she stated how different it was to shoot with me. She picked up on ''traditional taboos'' that make my unconventional-self-taught style what it is. She felt nothing but relaxed, and I like that sense of comfort in my shots. Here's to warmer months!

From Russia, with love.