The Californian / Anastasia

Ana very enthusiastically wanted a shoot before her trip back to LA. A fashion student here, I was super excited knowing I'd have a current lifestyle colour-coordinated guru for exactly that type of shoot. Not having much planned out, we just went for a walk outside of downtown and wouldn't go more than a block or two before seeing a texture that would catch my eye. Montreal is great for that; I don't need much as I constantly say.

We found some metal steps going up the side of a building near a construction site and did a couple quick looks. I always look for a way to add dimension to my images, and having people sit is an easy way to do that. Anyway, not 5 minutes in, we had a construction worker from across the street come by to ask if I worked in the (abandoned) building next to me because he wanted to park his car nearby. I laughed and said no, and watched as he walked back to his construction buddies to talk about how stunning Ana was - I'm sure I'm paraphrasing. I guess that's unfortunately part of the life these gorgeous women deal with, but at least.. I get to immortalize them. And then you can stare.   

It felt too easy, everywhere I placed her she rocked it. Did I mention we even scoped out an abandoned college? Everything is a hop & a skip away in Montreal. Looking forward to our next encounter Ana, I'm sure we won't disappoint.