The Runaround / Shiva Kay

My my..The Shiva. This lovely gem approached me for my latest Toronto trip and asked to go exploring with me for some non-studio looks. I'd like to think it's somewhat of a trademark style that I'm known for, but I was sold the moment I saw her hair. We ended up having to switch locations the first time for how public it was, but we ended up getting spotted throughout the day anyway! We started by climbing to a rooftop where we were instantly thrown off (midday on a Tuesday, right?) and then roamed through Kensington til we found a couple lil' spots. The elevation of our first spot didn't seem to deter the construction workers and families from staring, and moving to a stairwell wasn't much more private either. Knowing most of this going into the shoot, I wasn't the least bit nervous knowing that I would be able to fire off winners with this pro no matter where we were..I mean look at her! 

Thanks for the afternoon, and thanks for the smoothies.