The Greats / Kaya Osobka

I noticed that I'm getting to that point of success where the haters are starting to repeat themselves and have nothing left to say. It's funny how people treat others as competition instead of allies. We're all here doing the same thing, fueling the same passion, riding the same wave, I always prefer to build up those around me than be greedy because apparently only one photographer is allowed in this city.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to stay with my good friend and photographer Luke Tokaryk who is the embodiment of humbleness. I met up with a few local babes including the Kaya Osobka..mostly all in Luke's backyard. I was ecstatic to work with an experienced model which really kept the shoot light and fun. It was easily over 30 degrees with that humidity, but a couple freezies never hurt anyone. 

*protip, wear some around your neck like a summer scarf for added cool.