Farine Five Roses

The historic landmark of Montreal's skyline is..an abandoned grain silo. Well, it's yard is still used by the railway, but the buildings have been unused for a couple decades. I'm lucky enough to know the ins and outs of this area from the lil' kids a few years back that showed me the way up. The inside is so big, I could likely shoot in a different room with a different model every day and still get different shots. This place is texture heaven

Last year's entrance had been welded shut but was recently pried open and I took a few buddies to sneak into the wasteland of downtown Montreal. After a very close call getting in, we scoped out every roof that was connected to the main building. Many staircases later, visibly from the last roof, we got called out by megaphone from security down below - mind you down below is about 20 stories. We grabbed our stuff and quickly made the several building transfers towards the exit we originally came in from. However, we stopped at a lookout on our way down and spotted a pair of pacing pigs patiently prying for us to peak. Quick team meeting decided that we'd wait them out and as they retreated we booked it out of the yard. I made sure to keep my memory cards safe even if we got caught, but thankfully here are some winners;