The Red / Velour

More!? I was blessed to work with the beautiful Velour once again. Took her to a favourite bando and tried some new things. I scheduled with her at the end of a long multi-week shooting stint and really felt the need to push creatively. When I've got a bunch of similar shoots lined up in a row, I really strive to keep my looks individual to each model. Everyone has a distinct personality and it's my responsibility to capture it. I love to give general poses but the real goal is always to grab a hint of who my model is in each shot we create together. That has to be my favourite part about shooting with returning models; we have such a solid rapport from our previous shoot(s) that we can really get into a solid groove and knock-out winner after winner. 

Thank you once again, Velour. You keep reminding me why I love doing what I do.