The camera’s always allowed me a form of self expression, and turning this into a career has been a dream. To be flown out to Japan would have been inconceivable without the help of my wonderful clients, where I was fortunate enough to roam through Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. I am ecstatic to share a collection of images from my spare time.

Sixth Street Viaduct

Seismic activity caused the iconic Sixth Street Viaduct to be torn down and upgraded for safety in connecting LA's Arts District to Boyle Heights. May 2018.

English Winter

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Portsmouth, UK late in 2017 shooting for a coffee-table book. 


Fall in Montreal

The morning commute is oddly calming when you've got nowhere to be. 


Flash is fun. Flashes can turn any mundane situation to a surreal, cinematic, pop-art, or moody feeling set of images. Where it's easy to get lost in fancy gear, big budgets, and minute technicalities, using available light (which also may be simulated) has an uncanny simplicity in its rawness. Chasing light, using a single lens, model, and outfit, Kassandra & I chased some light beams around Little Italy on a (much too early) fall evening.