It's street shootin' season! I'm excited to be back out and roaming streets for locations and practice. I look at subjects and analyze body language, helping me spot natural rhythms and predictable moments. Here's a couple shots from my first day out in 2017 around Montreal. 


After capturing 140+gb of raw files from this stint, I should try getting a contract with WD. 

East Coast Things

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Farine Five Roses

The historic landmark of Montreal's skyline abandoned grain silo. Well, it's yard is still used by the railway, but the buildings have been unused for a couple decades. I'm lucky enough to know the ins and outs of this area from the lil' kids a few years back that showed me the way up. The inside is so big, I could likely shoot in a different room with a different model every day and still get different shots. This place is texture heaven

Last year's entrance had been welded shut but was recently pried open and I took a few buddies to sneak into the wasteland of downtown Montreal. After a very close call getting in, we scoped out every roof that was connected to the main building. Many staircases later, visibly from the last roof, we got called out by megaphone from security down below - mind you down below is about 20 stories. We grabbed our stuff and quickly made the several building transfers towards the exit we originally came in from. However, we stopped at a lookout on our way down and spotted a pair of pacing pigs patiently prying for us to peak. Quick team meeting decided that we'd wait them out and as they retreated we booked it out of the yard. I made sure to keep my memory cards safe even if we got caught, but thankfully here are some winners;

The Californian / Anastasia

Ana very enthusiastically wanted a shoot before her trip back to LA. A fashion student here, I was super excited knowing I'd have a current lifestyle colour-coordinated guru for exactly that type of shoot. Not having much planned out, we just went for a walk outside of downtown and wouldn't go more than a block or two before seeing a texture that would catch my eye. Montreal is great for that; I don't need much as I constantly say.

We found some metal steps going up the side of a building near a construction site and did a couple quick looks. I always look for a way to add dimension to my images, and having people sit is an easy way to do that. Anyway, not 5 minutes in, we had a construction worker from across the street come by to ask if I worked in the (abandoned) building next to me because he wanted to park his car nearby. I laughed and said no, and watched as he walked back to his construction buddies to talk about how stunning Ana was - I'm sure I'm paraphrasing. I guess that's unfortunately part of the life these gorgeous women deal with, but at least.. I get to immortalize them. And then you can stare.   

It felt too easy, everywhere I placed her she rocked it. Did I mention we even scoped out an abandoned college? Everything is a hop & a skip away in Montreal. Looking forward to our next encounter Ana, I'm sure we won't disappoint.