Curating your vision with Sergio P. ensures a collaboration in achieving a unique perspective with meticulous attention to detail. 

     A commercial freelance photographer from Montreal, Canada, Sergio is most sought out for his polished, bold, and dynamic work reflected in productions with Dimitri Jackets, JNC Wheels, Dollar Shave Club, Scissors Hair Studios, MerchNow, Checkpoint Security, ROYS, Concrete Collective, and many more.

     Picking up photography through his B.Sc at the University of Ottawa, while working with college seniors to musicians, local clothing brands and international companions; bringing out the most of every model and location has helped him carve a distinct style with utmost professionalism.


Glamour || Advertising


Las Vegas, Nv .. Oct. 28 - Nov. 2

Los Angeles, Ca .. Nov. 3-4

Tokyo, JP .. Nov. 5-9

Kyoto, JP .. Nov. 10-12

Osaka, JP .. Nov. 13-15

Toronto, On .. Dec. 1-5


Sergio P.